Classroom Training


This is no boilerplate training.

We design our classroom programs to center around client’s exact needs, going beyond standard lectures, exercises, and exams.

Virtual or in-person, our classroom training is designed to enhance engagement and challenge thinking.

We use real case studies and simulations to bring learning to life, preparing participants for life on the desk.

Case Study: Eliminating Training in Silos at Top Global Investment Bank

It can take time to familiarize new hires with company objectives. We shortcut this process by combining client strategy with skill training to create clarity across all divisions.

One of the top global investment banks had refocused its business on client centric advice across all product areas in corporate and investment banking. They needed new hire training that would reflect this approach.

Our Solution

We designed a global program focused on their corporate lifecycle and the different stages of financing and transactions. This was preceded with case-study driven technical training, providing all analysts with fundamental, practical skills.

The Result

New hires were able to hit the desk immediately with a complete understanding of how to achieve objectives set by the client.


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Case Study: Excel “Zero to Hero” in a Day for One of the Big Three Consulting Firms

Getting new hires up to speed on financial modeling as quickly as possible can be challenging. We’re here to help.

One of the leading global consulting firms was looking for a training provider who could deliver a one-day course on how to plan and quickly build an Excel model. They approached us to design a 100% customized program, revolving around a case study company. The participants would use this study to advise the ‘client’ whether to invest in a product.

Our Solution

  • We worked closely with the client to build a customized slide desk, template Excel file, and case study.
  • These materials were used in the classroom to help participants get started with financial modeling.
  • To start with, attendees were taught to how to plan a model on paper, defining the outcome first, the calculations needed to get there, and the assumptions required for the calculations.
  • Participants worked in pairs and small groups to design their model, with the first pass being built in Excel without a mouse, incorporating essential keyboard shortcuts.
  • This is followed by the scenario of the ‘client’ changing their mind, resulting in groups pulling apart their models and editing them.
  • At the end of the program, we added in scenarios for Best Case, Base Case, and Worst Case, so participants could advise the ‘client’ on the best course of action.

The Result

The main success of this classroom program lies in the fact that participants can hit the desk being able to function almost immediately after training. This is because the day is completely focused on the trainees’ specific needs and equips them with practical skills relevant to their job roles.


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