Continuing Education


Even if you have a comprehensive entry training program, a continuous development plan is important to reinforce content and cover the more detailed subjects once new hires have some desk experience.

We know people are time constrained on the line, which is why we offer a flexible delivery method designed around your unique needs:

  • In-class (with the option of recording)
  • Webinar / online classroom – again, recorded
  • eLearning curated around the participants with full tracking capability
  • A blend of the above

Case Study: Upskilling with Minimal Disruption at a US Investment Management Company

Blending in-class training with online classrooms.

Discovering errors in collateral from your marketing team is a major concern for any firm, but it is critical when that material is used to support investment decisions. Upon identifying a skills gap, this firm sought a solution to build their team’s financial knowledge and understanding of the collateral the firm published, without interrupting their day-to-day workflow.

Our Solution

This is where we came in. We designed a 5-level program which took place over one year. Each level contained a series of self-study modules incorporating the client’s methodologies, webinars with Q&A sessions, and a live in-class session.

The in-class session focused on the firm’s marketing collateral and enabled participants to apply the content learned. The modules ranged from Applied Finance and Economics to Portfolio Performance, Asset Classes, and the Investment Process.

The Result

Through the implementation of virtual learning, participants were able to unlock practical finance skills with little impact on their working schedules.


Month program
Self-study modules

Introducing the Netflix of Financial Learning

Get to know our online associate, Felix! Your team can use this on-desk tool to search over 1,600 videos on common and complex finance topics and take their finance skills to the next level.

  • Instant access to our comprehensive library delivered by expert financial instructors.
  • Discover 163 playlists across essential and advanced topics.
  • Ask a question on specific topics and receive an answer from our instructor team in 48 hours.
  • New videos and questions added by professionals every week.
  • Staff can save time Googling outdated or inaccurate resources with our intuitive search system.

Topics in Felix

  • Asset Management
  • Credit Analysis
  • Data Science and Systems
  • Economics
  • Excel
  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Math
  • Financial Modeling
  • Financial Tools
  • Industry Specific
  • M&A, Divestitures and LBO
  • Markets and Products
  • PowerPoint
  • Project Finance
  • Transaction Banking
  • Valuation

Case Study: Top 5 Investment Bank Supercharges On-Demand Continuing Education with Felix

Once analysts hit the desk after training, it can be notoriously difficult to engage them in learning again. 

One global investment bank found new hires were often unable to attend scheduled in-class sessions due to work commitments or had to wait too long to attend topics relevant to their roles. In addition, the provision of continued learning to regional offices was far from cost effective.

Our Solution

To provide a sustainable solution, we worked with the client to map out continued learning journeys for different teams.

  • Analysts were able to use Felix, our fully searchable knowledgebase, to improve their technical skills on demand and as part of their rotational program to upskill or review earlier training.
  • Employees no longer had to carve out valuable time in their schedule to attend live classrooms, instead accessing learning online wherever and whenever.
  • Alongside instructor-led videos, participants could ask our instructors questions through Felix’s powerful Q&A tool, as well as request specialized content.
  • The client’s learning & development team were able to assign suggested playlists from which the analysts could choose, in addition to accessing the entire database.

The Result

Felix’s design, with its short videos, practical Excel exercises with solutions, and Q&A, has become the future of continued learning for many analysts and presents the most cost-effective solution for this global financial institution. Could Felix be the virtual associate to your analysts as it was for them? Get in touch to see it in action.


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