Find more shortcuts in the Laminated Fact Sheets Bundle

Whether you use shortcuts to save time, get more work done, or just get out of the office quicker, we all love to let our fingers dance over the keyboard. We’ve scoured the vault to find a few Excel shortcuts that turn up less often in online lists, but still pack a punch when added to your armory. Let’s see what we found.

Copy Formula of the Cell Above Without Changing it


“I want to make a copy of a cell but the formula must not change. If I copy and paste, the formula changes, and if cut I lose the original cell. Help!”

This is where Ctrl + ‘ is your friend. Place your cursor in the cell below the one to be copied, hit Ctrl + ‘ and an exact copy will appear, ready to be copied, cut, or edited. The world is your oyster.

Jump to Precedent Cell


To jump to the first precedent cell in a formula, hit Ctrl [. It will move your cursor to the first cell reference in a formula, and if that’s on a different sheet, maybe 20 sheets away, it will still jump straight to that cell.

But how to get back again?


Awesome for auditing formulas, and if the linked cell is in another file, this will open the file and jump straight to the cell reference. Time saved and 2 shortcuts for the price of 1.

Paste Link


You’ve just created some amazing figures in an Investment sheet and you want cells in the Summary sheet to link to those investments figures. How to do this quickly? First, copy the cells in the investment sheet


Then, go to the summary sheet.

So quick. No jumping back and forth endlessly between sheets.

Camera Tool

Not a shortcut in itself, but the Camera Tool can be added to your Quick Access Toolbar.

There may be inputs on Sheet 1, and as they change, the outputs on Sheet 2 update. But how can you see the outputs as you change the inputs? The camera tool shows you another part of your model.

Select the output cells, press ALT to access your quick access toolbar and press the number of your camera. This takes a picture. Left click with the mouse next to your inputs to “develop” the picture. Now change the inputs and watch your outputs adjust in the camera picture. Magic.

Evaluate Formula Parts


Ever wondered what that weird part in the middle of a formula is? Select it, press F9, and Excel calculates the figure. To KEEP it as a value, press enter.

Add a New Line Within a Cell


The same can be done with complex formulas to split them into manageable chunks.

Open the Right-Click Menu


Use the arrows to go up and down the menu or open a fly-out menu.

Even when you think you need the mouse, you can use a shortcut.

Autofit Column Width in Explorer


Admittedly, this is not an Excel shortcut, but do you ever find yourself staring at file names in Explorer or File/Save and can’t see the whole name? How can we expand out the view without touching the mouse?

Using Ctrl + shift + +.



Add to Selection



“I want to sum separate cells using Alt =,  however, every time I hit comma the cursor starts back at the cell I’m building the sum in. This is really annoying, should I just use my mouse or is there any way to stop this happening?”

Of course there is. Just use Shift and F8. For instance:

  • Place cursor in C9
  • Alt =
  • Shift F8
  • Arrow up to C5, hold down shift, arrow up to C4
  • Shift F8
  • Arrow up to C2, hold down shift, arrow up to C1
  • Enter

The cursor has stopped jumping back to C9 in between the commas.

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