TrainingZone, the online community for L&D professionals, recently published an article detailing the ‘latest techniques to help improve staff training’. The feature focuses on how technology is transforming teaching and the number of ways that managers can leverage this to boost employee development. At Financial Edge Training, we have been implementing many of these training techniques into our learning solutions since we started in 2016 and, as a result, they have had a huge impact on our programs.

Universum’s latest study on top employers shows that students still value professional training and development highly when weighing up a job’s attractiveness. Therefore, it pays to invest time into improving the way in which staff learn both in and outside of the workplace.

Below are our comments on the top techniques as picked by TrainingZone:

‘Adopt microlearning’

This type of digital learning is designed to fit around employees’ busy lifestyles, with the idea being that complex concepts are split into bite-sized chunks to make content more accessible and easy-to-understand. This means professionals no longer need to set aside large amounts of time to fulfil learning objectives and can appropriate development goals around their own schedules.

Microlearning plays an important role in our online courses, where our precision videos focus on specific topics, resulting in concise durations. For example, The Modeler Online includes instructor-led videos which average under 5 minutes run-time. The videos are purposefully short, designed both for convenience and to allow users to perform quick reference checks.

‘Take your first steps in the virtual world’

As technology continues to evolve, so does the potential to provide more diverse and engaging training. We have integrated over 80 minutes of augmented reality (AR) videos into our Analyst & Associate Guide to aid learning, with the instructor-led content helping to provide further explanation of critical topics. This means the publication becomes an interactive experience for the reader and provides reference points which can be easily accessed at any time. We have also integrated this technology into our classroom learning resources.

‘Gamify the learning experience’

Gamification utilizes challenges and rewards to encourage employees to fulfil their learning objectives, such as a “digital checklist that employees can tick off as they complete microlearning modules”. The idea behind this is that everyone enjoys healthy competition now and again (i.e. who received the best results? Or, who completed a module first?).

Our online systems employ a range of gamification techniques which we tailor to meet the compliance and interactive requirements of each client.

‘Introduce social learning’

Creating an online community where employees can turn to each other for support and advice is a great way to encourage engagement and boost learning. We have built our own online community of finance professionals, where our instructors are ready to answer any questions. This makes the learning experience more personal and provides a helping hand where necessary.

‘Encourage company collaboration’

Companies are understandably wary when it comes to sharing. Protecting intellectual property or a competitive advantage can be critical to success. However, there has always been the understanding that collaboration can provide mutually beneficial outcomes. Sharing knowledge and expertise is one such sphere where we are developing practical new ways for finance professionals to benefit each other. We cannot divulge all of the details right now, but if you’d like us to demonstrate how we’re bringing the global finance community together, please contact us.

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