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We are excited to add the sixth edition of Financial Statement Analysis Under IFRS to our exclusive publication range. Co-authored by industry experts Kenneth Lee and Deborah Taylor, this is the perfect resource for anyone looking to understand financial statement analysis and navigate the latest accounting standards and regulation changes.

“In this book the authors have produced a remarkably accessible, yet comprehensive primer on IFRS reporting. An invaluable resource for anyone interested in digging behind the accounting numbers.”
Peter Pope, Professor of Accounting Università Bocconi, Emeritus Professor, London School of Economics and Political Science

Discover more about what makes the sixth edition the best yet from our interview with the authors.

What makes this book better than the rest?

Not only does it give a fully-up-to-date treatment of key IFRS changes, but also covers basic financial accounting concepts too. There are also specialist chapters on banks, insurance accounting, off-balance sheet finance, financial instruments and consolidations. On top of this, the book includes detailed worked examples throughout, supplemented by ‘analysis focus’ to show the real-world application of concepts.

Who is the book suitable for?

The book would prove very useful to undergraduate and postgraduate students studying accounting, along with industry analysts and investors as well. Lawyers, who want to understand how financial statements are used in financial markets, and accountants would also benefit from the more advanced chapters.

“Financial Statement Analysis Under IFRS provides the clearest explanation of accounting that I have read. From the very basics through to the dark arts of deferred tax, the authors offer investment professionals all they need to be confident in their use of financial statement in their analysis.”
Dr Alison Thomas, Financial Reporting & Investment Consultant

Why has the book been updated?

Major accounting changes have taken place recently and more are coming shortly, including revenue recognition, leasing and insurance accounting. It was essential to completely rewrite key parts of the book, not only to comply with the latest changes but also to integrate all the feedback we have received over the years.

Are the new regulations really a big deal?

The new regulations are huge; the most significant change to accounting since the introduction of IFRS. This isn’t just about the scale of impact, it’s also about the breadth, as they cover a range of topics; revenue, leasing, financial instruments and (in the future) insurance accounting. So, all industries will be affected by the changes in some way.

The changes are also complex, affecting a range of financial metrics (margins, returns, leverage) so it is very important that anyone conducting financial statement analysis has a grasp of the changes, and our book helps people navigate these issues!

Financial Statement Analysis Under IFRS