Trading Comparable Valuation Webinar

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Thursday 7th May, 3pm London (UTC+1)

Learn about trading comparables from a Wall Street instructor! Take part in this 1-hour online classroom to understand how to calculate market capitalization. Apply the learning to real company accounts. Get expert answers to your valuation questions.

This webinar is part of our Investment Banking Online Bootcamp live series. Book onto all 8 virtual classrooms here. You will receive a recognized completion certificate for attending every workshop.


Understand Trading Comparables in 1-Hour

This online class will teach you everything you need to know to start mastering trading comparable valuation. World-class instructor Petter Ljunggren, ex-Goldman Sachs, will cover:

  1. When calculating market capitalization, do we use number of shares outstanding or weighted average shares outstanding?
  2. Do we use basic or diluted share count numbers?
  3. Apply these ideas to real company accounts

Includes 2 Excel exercises and 1 tryout to test your understanding.

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Meet your Instructor


Meet Petter, instructor at Financial Edge!

Petter started his finance career in 2001 as an equity research analyst at Goldman Sachs – London, before moving to Barclays Capital to work in markets, and then as a director at Deutsche Bank.

He entered the world of financial training in 2015 and has since taught at some of the top firms on Wall Street!

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Interact with your instructor via Zoom

Our webinars are supported by Zoom. This virtual environment enables you to:

  • Meet face-to-face with our Wall Street instructor team
  • View screen shares from Excel files and more
  • Instant message your instructor and peers
  • Have the opportunity to appear ‘in front of the class’
  • Work collaboratively with the group via whiteboards and annotations
  • Access recordings of the live classroom once it has finished

We strongly recommend you use a webcam and microphone during your webinar to get the most out of the session.


Is it right for me?

Our virtual classrooms offer distinct learning opportunities. Have your questions answered immediately by our expert instructors. Utilizing years of industry and teaching experience, they will make the learning applicable and vibrant. Reference the learning materials online for 365 days after the webinar.

What will I need?

A laptop is essential, ideally with a webcam and microphone, and working WiFi. You must have access to Adobe Reader and Microsoft Excel. This webinar will take place on Zoom. Participants will be sent a link to the webinar in their online classroom.

Will I get certification?

There are no exams included in the Investment Banking Online Bootcamp live series. However, those who attend all 8 online classrooms will receive a completion certification to show they have taken the time to build their finance skills.


“Phenomenal instructor who was able to keep a classroom with varying levels of experience engaged.”

Analyst at one of the top 5 investment banks

“Never thought accounting and modeling could be so much fun! Thanks Petter!”

Analyst at one of the top 5 investment banks

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