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Covering a list of products or simulating desk work – how do you design your asset management training?

We provide a complete training program with an integrated portfolio management simulation using real market data.

Case Study: Teaching Interns and New Hires Asset Management Skills

Getting investment management interns and new hires up-to-speed on the specifics of asset management can be challenging.

One of the top 4 global investment banks approached us to deliver both a virtual internship and full-time training course over the summer of 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they were looking for an offsite solution that would help echo their in-person programs. The client needed a provider who could reach participants in multiple locations and time zones, while also ensuring interns could still be assessed throughout their training.

Our Solution

We delivered a full review of the investment management process across five different time zones. During this program, participants were able to:

  • Develop their portfolio management skills through a small group simulation, allowing them to experience the pressures of the industry and present investment ideas in a group context.
  • Accelerate their technical skills by building valuation models, and later analyzing the drivers of those models and their impact on valuation.
  • Maximize analysis skills with an understanding of the factors which drive an economy and, therefore, asset prices within that economy.

The Result

Participants left the training with an in-depth understanding of all the roles and functions within an investment management company, enabling them to see how they fit into the bigger picture and also the importance of other positions within the firm. Furthermore, the training improved their awareness of the driving factors behind good fund performance.

Our programs left the client feeling confident that the groups were engaged and occupied throughout. This is because we believe that virtual training should not take away from the learning experience, but rather better it.


Full-time participants taught
Interns taught
Wall Street instructors on full-time program, 5 on interns
Different time zones
Group simulation



  • Introduction to investment and portfolio management
  • Equity markets and products simulation
  • Fixed income markets and products simulation
  • Equity derivatives and their use in portfolio management
  • Interest rate derivatives and their use in portfolio management
  • Foreign exchange
  • Portfolio management simulation
  • Performance measurement
  • Risk measurement
  • Coding

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