Our Alumni

Having taught at the biggest firms on Wall Street since 2016, our alumni network is made up of top investment bankers and financiers alike.

We’re passionate about lifelong learning, so staying connected with previous participants is important to us as a training provider.

Read on to discover how you can become a verified alumni member, and show off your new skill set off to your professional network.

Alumni Benefits

  • Free technical webinars
  • Access to industry expert Q&As
  • Continued instructor support
  • Exclusive store discounts

Who is Eligible?

If you have taken part in either a client-run training program or completed an online micro-degree, you can benefit from FE alumni membership.

First, you must ensure you add Financial Edge as a school under your education in LinkedIn. Once this is done, you can verify yourself below.

Impress your network

Once you’ve completed your course, you can access your Accredible certificate using the email with which you took your FE course. To shout about your new skill set:

  • Click the LinkedIn ‘Share’ button to create a post or a private message with your certificate embedded.
  • By clicking on ‘Add to my profile’, your credential information will automatically populate the ‘License and Certification’ form, just click save!

Earn Alumni Status

Enroll in a micro-degree and challenge yourself to earn certification recognized on Wall Street. On completion, you will be able to join our alumni alongside analysts and associates at the top 4 investment banks.

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