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Alastair Matchett

Founder & Instructor

22 years of experience instructing on Wall Street, previously investment banker at J.P. Morgan

Andrea Ward

Managing Director & Instructor

Ex-Lehman Brothers investment banker with 22 years of experience training

Gerard Kelly


Gerard, accountant and CFA (all 3 levels), has been teaching on Wall Street since 2008

Deborah Taylor


Ex-Barclays Investment Bank, Director in Equity Research and co-head of Sustainable and Thematic Investing

Jonathan Rugg


Qualified chartered management accountant, Jonathan, began his financial training career in 2008

Petter Ljunggren


Ex-Goldman Sachs, Global Investment Research, with six years of experience teaching on Wall Street

Topics Covered

Asset Management

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Portfolio Theory (MPT and CAPM)
Portfolio Risk
Portfolio Performance
Risk Adjusted Measures
Attribution Calculations
Behavioral Finance
Technical Analysis
Alternative Investments
Alternative Investments Strategies
US Regulatory Considerations
Stewardship and Engagement
ESG integrated Portfolio Construction
Goals Based Investing
Active vs Passive Investing
Fixed Income Portfolio Management
Investment Policy Statement
Portfolio Risk and Return

Data Science and Systems

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Getting Started with Python
Python Basics
Python – Building Functions
Python – Introduction to Libraries
Python – NumPy
Python – Pandas
Python – Matplotlib
Python – Dates and Times
SQL – Getting Started
SQL – Fundamental Concepts
SQL – Organizing Data
Data Essentials
Getting Started with Power BI
Cleansing Data With Query Editor
Visualizing Data with Power BI Charts
Customizing Visuals with Power BI
Data Modeling in Power BI
Producing Effective Dashboard in Power BI Service
Power BI for Mac Users
Tableau Vs. Power BI


Accordion Arrow Icon

Basic Formatting
Menu and Shortcut Basics
Basic Formulas and Calculations
Basic Functions
Naming Cell References
Data Extraction
Text and Date
Database Analysis
Introduction to Macros
Advanced Formatting

Financial Accounting

Accordion Arrow Icon

Introduction to Financial Statements
Financial Accounting Review
Income Statement
Working Capital
Non-Current Assets
Capital Structure
Cash Flow Statement
Equity Method Investments
Intro to Full Consolidation
Finding Key Financial Figures
Accounting ratios
Returning Capital to Shareholders
Forensic Accounting
Valuing Deferred Tax and Losses
Double Taxation
Deferred Taxes
Tax Losses
US Tax Changes

Financial Tools

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BamSEC Fundamentals
FactSet Charting
FactSet Workstation

Financial Modeling

Accordion Arrow Icon

Introduction to Modeling
3SM with Iterations
Three Statement Model Editing
Building a Model with Cash Sweep
Checking a Model for Integrity and Errors
3SM with Estimates
Quarterly Modeling
Financial Forecasting Research

Financial Institutions Group (FIG)

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Introduction to Banking
Deconstructing a Bank’s Balance Sheet
Expected Credit Losses (IFRS 9)
Banking – Financial Statement Analysis
Bank Regulations
Bank Modeling
Bank Valuation
Dividend Discount Valuation
Insurance Industry Overview
Deconstructing Insurance Financial
Insurance Regulations
Life Insurance Analysis
P&C Insurance Analysis
Life Insurance Modeling
P&C Insurance Modeling

Financial Math

Accordion Arrow Icon

Financial Math Fundamentals
Statistics – Basic Concepts
Statistics – Portfolio Statistics
Statistics – Analytic Methods
Advanced Corporate Finance Investing

Project Finance

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Risk Management
Financing the Project
Structuring the Project
Debt, Coverage Ratios and Covenants
Project Finance Returns
Building a Simple Project Finance
Building a Full Project Finance Model

Industry Specific

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Introduction to REITs
REITs – Capitalization Rates
REITs – Building a REIT Operating Model
REITs – REIT Valuation
REITs – Comprehensive REIT Valuation
Model (NAV)
REITs – Comprehensive REIT Valuation
Model (DCF)
Natural Resources – Analysis and
Telecommunications Sector Modeling
Healthcare Sector Modeling
Real Estate – Forecasting
Real Estate – Financing
Real Estate – Cap Rates and Other
Real Estate – Case in Point

Credit Analysis

Accordion Arrow Icon

An Introduction to Analyzing Credit Risk
Credit Risk Overview
Controlling Credit Risk
Business Risk
Financial Risk
Debt Capacity
Credit Analysis Case in Point
13-Week Cash Flow Modeling Scenarios
Building a 13 Week Cash Flow Model
Distressed Debt Restrucutring
ESG in Credit Analysis
Structured Products Origination


Accordion Arrow Icon

Rates Markets and Products
Foreign Exchange and Commodities

Markets and Products

Accordion Arrow Icon

Market Sectors
Emerging Markets
Market Sectors
Capital Markets Fundamentals
Equity Investment Vehicles
Fixed Income Derivatives
Equity Investment Characteristics
Equities – Markets and Products
Equity Financing
Derivatives Essentials
Special Situations
Equities – Derivatives
Rates Markets and Products
Credit Markets and Products
FX and Commodities
Equities – Collateral Management
Convertible Bonds
Rights Issues
IPO Modeling
Intro to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
ESG in Carbon Markets and Carbon
Investors, Institutional and Retail
Index Investing

M&A, Divestitures & LBO

Accordion Arrow Icon

Merger Analysis Cash Deal
Merger Model
M&A Modeling Complexities
Completion Mechanisms
Advanced M&A Modeling
Divestiture Modeling
Synergy Analysis

Private Equity

Accordion Arrow Icon

LBO Modeling Complexities
Advanced LBO Modeling
Carried Interest and Promotion Modeling
Structuring an Acquisition
Acquisition Finance Debt Capacity
Debt Products in Private Equity
PE Deal Process Documents
Closing Documentation
What is a PE Fund
How does a PE Fund Work
The PE Process
Internal Requirements
Due Diligence
Post Acquisition


Accordion Arrow Icon

Monetary Systems
Understanding Economic Cycles
Equity Indices
Macroeconomic Indicators
Global Capital Markets History

Cash Management

Accordion Arrow Icon

Bank Accounts
Payables and Receivables
Liquidity and Finance
Efficient Global Cash & Liquidity
Other Business Flows

Professional Skills and Careers

Accordion Arrow Icon

PowerPoint – Introduction
PowerPoint – Basic Shapes
PowerPoint – Text
PowerPoint – Lines and Connectors
PowerPoint – Pictures
PowerPoint – Charts and Tables
PowerPoint – Equations and
PowerPoint – Lists and SmartArt
Microsoft Word – Introduction
Microsoft Word – Formatting
Microsoft Word – Inserting
Microsoft Word – Common Tasks
Outlook Introduction
Communicating and Presenting
Business Writing Effectiveness
Driving Your Career Success
Investment Banking Interview Skills
Intro to Asset Management
Intro to Research Analysis
Equity Analyst Expert Interview
Portfolio Manager Expert Interview
M&A Banking Expert Interview
Private Equity Interview Skills
Private Equity Expert Interview
Private Equity Recruitment Expert Interview

Risk Management

Accordion Arrow Icon

Risk Fundamentals
Risk and Regulations Fundamentals
Credit Risk Fundamentals
Market Risk Fundamentals
Operational Risk Fundamentals
Business Support Functions in Banking
Introduction to Sales and Trading

Securities Services

Accordion Arrow Icon

Administration of Assets
Cash, FX and Lending
Master Record Keeping


Accordion Arrow Icon

Introduction to Valuation
Equity to EV Bridge
Trading Comparables
Transaction Comparables
WACC Analysis
DCF Valuation
DCF Fundamentals
Pulling the Analysis Together
Employee Stock Options
ESG Investing
Present Value of Future Stock Price
Advanced Valuation
Company Strategy
Return on Equity
Return on Capital
Earnings Per Share
Pensions and OPEBs
Investment Recommendations
Advanced Valuation
Trading Comps Analysis

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Our company analytics tool focuses on speed, data efficiency and accuracy.

Quickly access key financials for every quoted company in the US. Each company dashboard contains direct links to SEC filings, critical company fundamentals, WACC, comparables, earnings and more.

From the SEC and Federal Reserve to Xignite and Factset, we combine multiple trusted data sources to provide a reliable and accurate reference. All critical data usage must be externally validated.

Market + Industry Data and Expert Models

Review, filter and download up-to-date industry and market data curated by our data team. Sheets include EV and equity multiples, cost of debt and equity, capital efficiency, growth, profitability, returns, capital structure analysis and more.

Download ready-to-use sector and transaction models and access supporting playlists. Sector models include banking, life insurance, oil and gas, P&C insurance, pharma, REITs and telecoms. Transaction models include divestiture, IPO, LBO and merger.

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Continuing education programmes, although essential for staff development and retention, can be expensive and difficult to prove ROI against. To combat this, every Friday, Felix users get the chance to learn live from Financial Edge instructors at not extra cost.


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Clifford Morrison

Student at Bayes Business School

Helps me understand financial content and practical applications.

Corporate clients

Summer Analyst 2020

The Investment Banker

Videos were incredibly clear and detailed. Very high-quality resources. Would highly recommend.

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Access Felix across desktop, laptop, tablet or phone; either via our web portal or the dedicated mobile app. While we have optimized our video quality and size, we recommend a broadband connection to enable uninterrupted video playback. A PDF reader and spreadsheet application are required to open the supporting resources.

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Whether you’re a student wanting to break into finance, a professional after expert advice, or a learning & development leader looking to upskill employees, Felix has everything you need to succeed!

From technical skills to up-to-date company analytics, market data and downloadable models, Felix is your one-stop shop for both work and study.

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Unlike our online courses, Felix does not offer any certification at present. If you’re looking to earn Wall Street recognized accreditation, please view our range of online courses instead.

What support will I get along the way?

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Our expert instructors are on hand to help answer your technical questions. On submission of any query, you will receive a response from a Wall Street trainer within 24-hours.

For any other queries, you can also reach our to our customer support team.

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Nope – everything is included within the price of your subscription.

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All Felix playlists and lessons are CPD accredited. CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and makes demonstrating your commitment to learning easy. Your institution or accrediting body may track CDP points through activities, units or hours. Check with the relevant party to find out how you should be monitoring your progress.