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Alastair Matchett

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Alastair has over 22 years of experience teaching on Wall Street and beyond. He began his career at J.P. Morgan in mergers and acquisitions, covering financial institutions and oil and gas, before moving to the private equity firm 3i. Alastair then left to begin instructing and set up AMT Training in 1997. At the start of 2016, he founded Financial Edge Training and has since been delivering programs at 7 of the top 10 investment banks.


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Alastair was great! Best financial services instructor I have had. Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable .

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Alastair was very engaging and enthusiastic, perfect for having class online.

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Get to Know Alastair

Watch the video to find out more about Financial Edge’s founder, Alastair. He let’s us in on his teaching style, instructing achievements, and top two favorite finance topics!


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Financial Market Indicators

19 May 2022

Financial market indicators play a pivotal role in making investment decisions.  For example, if indicators point to a bullish market, investors will go long. If a bearish market looks likely, investors will reduce their exposure. These financial market indicators also play a pivotal role in assessing the current state of an economy,  which influences trends in the stock market.


Collateral Management

17 May 2022

Creditors often require collateral, which refers to securities, cash, or other assets that are offered by a borrower to hedge the credit risk of a transaction such as a commercial loan or mortgage. Should the borrower default, the creditor can take possession of the assets provided as collateral to cover the obligation. Collateral management is the process by which the two counterparties (creditor and debtor) exchange assets provided as collateral.


Business Valuation Overview

17 May 2022

Business valuation is a foundational pillar of corporate finance. In valuing a business, professional appraisers determine the fair value of a company or business or the current economic value that serves to establish the company’s selling price.

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