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Our exams are not casual exercises, they are utilized at prestigious banks around the world to verify their employees’ capabilities. We have introduced the same exams to each of our core online courses, with more on the way. Pass all 4 courses from Investment Banker in a Box to unlock our top-tier certification, the micro-degree.

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Entrust us with your training program and we will bring to bear our unrivalled experience to make it a success; not only in the classroom but before and after as well. During 2016, our first year of training, we taught over 3,500 participants across EMEA, Americas and APAC.

We work closely with our clients ensuring each step is comprehensively detailed, from refining requirements and course design to planning, logistics and reporting.

years of combined experience developing and delivering training programs around the world, from start to finish


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Our eLearning carefully blends cutting-edge innovation with tried and tested reliability. The platform supports global delivery across a range of devices, giving users the freedom to learn beyond the classroom. We have utilized professional studio production to achieve unprecedented instructional video quality. We are employing the latest in gamification and augmented reality to boost engagement for all learning styles. Detailed reports can be created at the touch of a button, providing training managers with up to date participant data on demand.

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We only hire the best.

When it comes to classroom delivery we only hire the best instructors.

Our instructors all have a long track record of teaching large groups of participants at the leading investment banks, asset managers, hedge funds, and private equity firms in London, New York, and Hong Kong.

Your participants are kept engaged in highly interactive and practical sessions. Our training is hard but fun.

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About Us

Financial Edge specializes in developing your employees’ technical skills in investment banking, asset and wealth management. We bring multi-format content designed for unparalleled participant engagement online and in the classroom.

While the company name might be new, the faculty and support team have decades of accumulated experience delivering the most demanding training programs around the world for the leading financial institutions. In our first year we taught over 3,500 participants, and continue to grow fast.

Our Team

Find out more about the entire team below, from our leading faculty, to experts in technology and global training delivery.

We complement our full-time faculty with an ever-growing associate model, working with the best independent instructors around the world.

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Capability areas

Participants trained since January 2016

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  • Accounting and Excel
  • Profitability and asset efficiency
  • Capital structure
  • Company one-pager
  • Financial math in context
  • Introduction to modeling
  • Introduction to investment banking and capital markets


  • Income statement and earnings analysis
  • Working capital
  • Fixed assets, intangibles, and other long-term assets
  • Company capital structure and financing
  • Cash flow statements
  • EPS
  • Taxes and tax losses
  • Equity method investments
  • Full consolidation and non-controlling interests


  • The bank markets
  • The public debt markets
  • Credit analysis
  • Equity financing
  • Debt restructuring


  • Understanding banks accounting and regulation
  • Modeling banks
  • Valuing banks
  • Understanding insurance companies accounting and regulation
  • Modeling insurance companies
  • Valuing insurance companies


  • Three statement modeling with iterations
  • Building a three statement model using consensus estimates
  • Checking models for integrity and errors
  • Scenario building
  • Financial forecasting


  • Equity value to enterprise value bridge
  • Trading comparable valuation
  • Premiums paid analysis
  • WACC analysis – practical application
  • Discounted cash flow valuation
  • Synergy analysis
  • Valuation football field summary

M&A and LBO

  • Acquisition financing
  • Private equity/LBO acquisition analysis
  • Merger analysis – cash deal
  • Merger analysis – stock deal
  • Project finance modeling
  • Completion accounts / locked box mechanisms
  • Divestiture analysis
  • Key legal agreements


  • Introduction to investment and portfolio management
  • Equity markets and products
  • Fixed income markets and products
  • Equity derivatives
  • Interest rate derivatives
  • Foreign exchange
  • Portfolio management
  • Performance measurement
  • Risk measurement


  • Introduction to project finance
  • Risk management in project finance
  • Financing the project
  • Accounting for project finance
  • Modeling the construction and operational phases of of the project
  • Modeling the financial structure
  • Project finance returns
  • Simple project finance modeling
  • Complex project finance modeling


  • Python Applied to Finance
  • Matlab Applied to Finance
  • Data Modeling Applied to Finance

Public Courses

Our open enrollment courses offer highly flexible and cost-effective training for finance professionals from various backgrounds. Whether you work on Wall Street or in a corporation’s finance team, the programs and topics have been structured so that you can rapidly develop the skills you need. Find out more about each program in the adjacent section.

Is it right for me?

Our classroom courses offer distinct learning opportunities. Have your questions answered immediately by our expert instructors. Utilizing years of industry and teaching experience, they will make the learning applicable and vibrant. Propose specific challenges and reference the unique solutions* online for 365 days after the course, along with the standard learning materials.

*Depending on class size

What do I need to bring?

A laptop is essential, preferably running Microsoft Windows. A PDF reader and Excel 2003+ are required to open the supporting resources. We are happy for you to use alternatives but please be aware we cannot support these configurations. The venue will have WiFi and refreshments will be provided.


The Analyst program rapidly develops a wide range of skills fundamental for numerous finance roles. Each day is dedicated to one of 3 key topics: accounting, modeling and valuation. Participants build a comprehensive understanding of the principles and gain practical experience, establishing an outstanding foundation in each topic and flexibility for future career development.
Five days:

  • Financial Accounting Introduction
  • Accounting and Financial Analysis
  • Financial Modeling Essentials
  • Valuation Essentials
  • Valuation: DCF and WACC

Discover details about The Analyst

The Accountant Open CourseThe Accountant provides a comprehensive understanding of the techniques required to accurately present a company’s financial results. Participants will be able to quickly and confidently interpret financial data and statements, evaluate them and use the calculated information to build high quality reports. Real company data and the latest rules are covered to ensure the methods used and skills developed are immediately applicable in the workplace.
Three days:

  • Income statement, working capital, fixed assets and intangibles
  • Company capital structure and financing, cash flow statements, EPS and taxes
  • Equity method investments, full consolidation and non-controlling interests

Interested in this course? Please contact us to find out more.


Financial modeling is one of the most useful skills in the world of finance. Knowing how to build models quickly and error free is critical for the decisions and recommendations that they underpin.

The Modeler provides the perfect introduction to financial modeling, developing multiple techniques for a comprehensive and practical understanding of the topic. Take your Microsoft Excel skills to the next level with the Advanced Modeling and Excel, VBA and Macros days.
Five days:

  • Modeling Introduction and Three Statement Models
  • Forecast Fundamentals, Cash Sweeps and Error Checking
  • Financial forecasting
  • Advanced excel modeling
  • Excel, VBA and macros

Discover details about The Modeler

The Valuer Open Course

Valuing a company or asset efficiently and accurately is a complex task, fundamental for many finance professionals. The Valuer program will rapidly develop participants’ valuation skills using real world examples. Learn how and when to utilize key valuation methodologies and their supporting calculations. Discover the intricacies of valuing companies in different sectors and how to prepare them for comparison. Taught using best practice techniques, these practical skills can be applied directly to the workplace.
Three days:

  • Equity value to enterprise value bridge and trading comparable valuation
  • Trading comparables continued and transaction comparables
  • WACC, DCF and the valuation summary football field

Interested in this course? Please contact us to find out more.

The Deal Maker Open Course
When should a company acquire another? Is the merger beneficial for the stakeholders? These are just a few of the core M&A questions that The Deal Maker will answer. Not only are mergers and acquisitions calculated and evaluated, the funding sources are examined in detail; such as private equity acquisitions including credit facilities, term loans and more. Participants will also discover how to structure an acquisition using debt financing on the leveraged buy-out and debt analysis day.
Two days:

  • M&A Analysis
  • LBO and Debt Capacity Analysis

Discover details about The Deal Maker


Tailored specifically for lawyers, this one-day course is perfect for professionals from various fields who need to utilize critical finance topics in order to provide accurate and reliable advice. Participants rapidly develop a range of essential accounting techniques before utilizing them in more complex methods.
One day:

  • Understanding financial statements
  • Key numbers used in legal agreements
  • Valuation
  • Completion mechanisms

Interested in this course? Please contact us to find out more.

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