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The Project Financier

Learn project finance from the firm hired to teach the top 4 investment banks' incoming analysts. Includes accounting, financial modeling, project analysis, project accounting, project risks, and both simple and advanced project modeling.

£389.00 (Inc Tax)

4.5 Stars

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The FIG Banker

Master the skills necessary to make a direct impact in any FIG team. This online program covers the accounting, financial modeling, valuation (including discounted dividend model), and regulatory landscape for both bank and insurance companies.

£599.00 (Inc Tax)

4 Stars

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The Modeler

Our online financial modeling course provides the perfect introduction to building models, developing multiple techniques for a comprehensive and practical understanding of the topic.

£179.00 (Inc Tax)

4.6 Stars

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Virtual Masterclasses and Technical Webinars

Join one of our expert Wall St. instructors live via Zoom in a virtual masterclass program or a 1-hour technical webinar. With direct support throughout, there’s no faster way to build best practice finance skills. Discover our current programs and dates below.


Applied Financial Modeling and Analysis Public Course

Financial modeling is one of the most ubiquitous skills in the world of finance! Learn how to build models quickly and error-free, critical for the decisions and recommendations that they underpin. Learn multiple techniques and develop your essential modeling skills to facilitate best practice.

£399.00£1,596.00 (Inc Tax)

4.5 Stars

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1 out of 5 products

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Core Publication Pack

Benefit from a range of formats and solutions to different learning requirements. Learn key topics on the move with the Analyst & Associate Guide. Test yourself with the Practice & Prepare Pack. Reference critical formulas and methodologies using indestructible laminated sheets.

£99.00 (Inc Tax)

5 Stars

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Analyst & Associate Guide

Our bestselling investment banking guide utilized by thousands of analysts and associates at the world's top 4 investment banks, PE firms, boutiques and corporations.

£59.00 (Inc Tax)

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Financial Statement Analysis Under IFRS

The perfect resource for anyone looking to understand financial statement analysis.

£49.00 (Inc Tax)

5 Stars

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3 out of 5 products

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We are chosen by the world's top 4 investment banks

By completing any one of our micro-degree’s, you will be able to join our prestigious alumni on LinkedIn alongside peers at the top investment banks. After becoming a member of this elite community, you can unlock exclusive benefits such as course discounts and more.

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Investment Banking Recruitment: The Ultimate Guide

10 Aug 2022

Investment banking is a highly competitive and popular field. Investment bankers are expected to help clients raise capital to fund their activities and expand their businesses as well as act as corporate financial advisors.


How to Become an Investment Banker

10 Aug 2022

An investment banker is a finance professional who works closely with corporations, institutions, and governments to help them raise capital, conduct a merger or acquisition, or restructure.


Investment Banking Vs. Hedge Fund Management

03 Aug 2022

Financial professionals view Investment banks and hedge funds as the most desirable employers in the industry. Both offer excellent career prospects, high compensation, and attractive exit opportunities.

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