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Our new Felix plans give you access to all online finance courses, weekly live webinars, company and market data, and much more – in one market-leading platform.


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There’s a reason we’re trusted to teach Wall Street’s best analysts. With instructors from J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Barclays, and other bulge bracket heavyweights, we deliver an unparalleled learning experience.

From investment banking fundamentals to specialized PE and asset management courses, we’ve got the resources to create bespoke training for any business needs. We deliver optimized training for your cohort and budget, whether it’s in-person, virtual, on demand, or off the shelf.

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In person training from Wall Street's most trusted instructors

Get desk-ready in one week with face-to-face training from industry experts. This intensive, hands-on classroom experience will have participants certified, confident, and ready to work on real deals.


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We’ve combined decades of training experience with the latest technology to create ‘Felix’, the all-in-one toolkit for success in finance. Helping over 15,000 users on Wall Street power their finance needs, Felix can revolutionize the way we learn and work. Our platform accelerates independent learning through customizable content which is supported by cutting edge tools to put that learning into practice.

Accelerate independent learning.

  • Content playlist library.
  • Job role-focussed pathways.
  • Exclusive live webinars.
  • Live instructor support.

Put learning into practice.

  • Company tear sheets & filings.
  • Market & industry data.
  • Sector & transaction models