Managing Director & Instructor

Andrea Ward

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Andrea brings over 22 years of experience designing and delivering bespoke finance training programs. She began her investment banking career in the M&A team at Lehman Brothers, overseeing private equity as well as media and technology transactions. Andrea left the industry to start her instructing career, managing AMT Training globally. She then joined Financial Edge in 2018 as managing director and instructor.


José Carlos M. Iráculis

ModelOff Workshop

Andrea, thanks for your introduction to LBO modeling. Probably the best session at ModelOff!


Associate at One of the Top 10 Investment Banks

Andrea is the best advantage. She knows investment banking well and gave us a lot of hands on, practical knowledge.

Get to Know Andrea

Watch the video to find out more about managing director, Andrea. She let’s us in on how she become a financial instructor, her teaching style, and what she believes makes a top student!


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