Investment Banking


Investment banking training has evolved from teaching new hires in large classrooms to delivering tailored programs adapted to participants needs.

Our expertise in designing life-long learning paths built on individual requirements is a testament to Financial Edge’s world-class faculty and technology integration.

Client methodologies and product focus, as well as professional development, are incorporated into all programs, making learning immediately applicable.

Case Study: Maximizing Analyst Performance and Engagement with a 2-year Training Program

The key to high-performing analysts? Ongoing learning.

One of the top US investment banks wanted to integrate continued learning into their annual analyst program. They approached us to help design a formal 2-year training program for new hires. As the participants are positioned in different countries, in-person training is only possible once a year. Therefore, it made sense to complement the instructor-led classrooms with access to Felix, ensuring analysts can learn on-demand wherever they are.

The Learning Journey

This starts as soon as full-time contracts are signed, engaging incoming analysts with pre-learning and client specific content. Following this, new hires take part in a comprehensive induction program covering all aspects of investment banking and professional development to ensure participants are well prepared for their desk start. This year we delivered completely online, following the below structure:

  • 3-day bootcamp, followed by a 12-day main program with 44 live virtual sessions integrated with self-study to solidify learning and practical group case study workshops.
  • The training team included 3 instructors and 2 TAs.

Analysts are then brought back together a year later for professional and technical training, which allows for continued networking across the different EMEA offices. This year, due to the virtual nature of the program, participants took part in seven webinars, 2 hours each.

Continued Engagement

Outside of the annual training, participants remain engaged with Felix playlist recommendations which help to facilitate additional upskilling. On top of this, analysts attend regular virtual sessions aimed at deepening their understanding of topics covered during their induction program, as well as focusing on additional product and transaction training. Employees are involved in the selection of topics covered throughout the live sessions, ensuring that current market conditions and investment banking themes are covered extensively.


Wall Street Instructors and 2 Teaching Assistants
Live Virtual Sessions in the Induction Program Alone
Full-Time Analysts Participating Each Year
Instructor-led Webinars in Continued Learning Program
Videos Watched on Felix



  • Accounting and Excel
  • Profitability and asset efficiency
  • Capital structure
  • Company one-pager
  • Financial math in context
  • Introduction to modeling
  • Introduction to investment banking and capital markets


  • Income statement and earnings analysis
  • Working capital
  • Fixed assets, intangibles, and other
  • Long-term assets
  • Company capital structure and financing
  • Cash flow statements ees
  • Taxes and tax losses
  • Equity method investments
  • Full consolidation and non-controlling interests


  • The bank markets
  • The public debt markets
  • Credit analysis
  • Equity financing
  • Debt restructuring


  • Introduction to REITs
  • Building a REIT
  • Operating model
  • REIT valuation


  • Understanding banks accounting and regulation
  • Modeling banks
  • Valuing banks
  • Understanding insurance companies accounting and regulation
  • Modeling insurance companies
  • Valuing insurance companies


  • Three statement modeling with iterations
  • Building a three-statement model using consensus estimates
  • Checking models for integrity and errors
  • Scenario building
  • Financial forecasting


  • Equity value to enterprise value bridge
  • Trading comparable valuation
  • Premiums paid analysis WACC analysis – practical application
  • Discounted cash flow valuation
  • Synergy analysis
  • Valuation football field summary

Types of client