There’s a reason the 4 leading investment banks choose us to train their incoming analysts.

We combine 99+ years of training experience with the very latest in technology for unparalleled learning.
Not only are our founders ex-investment bankers, but we have a leading faculty of 9 full-time instructors with 160+ years of combined industry experience.
On top of this, our global associate team is comprised of industry experts, world-class academics and consultants.
We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt, delivering both in-class and virtual solutions, as well as pre-learning through to continued training on the desk.
We are experts in a wide range of skill areas, from data analysis through to equity research.

How we train


We focus on equipping participants with hands-on practical skills. All of our training, be it live or e-delivered, is centered around case studies and client-specific solutions. The integration of technology into every program helps to create individualized learning paths, taking participants’ experience and desk needs into account.

Online Courses Tailored eLearning Classroom


Off-the-shelf elearning does not always meet client needs. We are experts at creating customized content using internal materials and case studies.

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Learning in financial services never stops, whether that’s getting to grips with new products, transaction structures, or developing professional skills.

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Developing top-tier technology and incorporating this into our learning solutions is pivotal to our company vision. Our eLearning carefully blends cutting-edge innovation with tried and tested reliability.

Who we are


Founded by industry veterans, Financial Edge’s vision is to develop top-tier technology in the context of learning. Our faculty, tech and client team have decades of accumulated experience delivering the most demanding training programs around the world. Driven by innovation and technical expertise, we love working closely with our partners to implement tailored training solutions.

Forensic Edge

We can help with bespoke project work and ad hoc technical queries to assist with your forensic accounting analysis. Our instructors have experience in this skill area for investment research and can provide:

  • Analysis to identify accounting and corporate governance red flags.
  • Benchmarking of financial statement disclosure quality.
  • Forensic accounting training which explores essential techniques and metrics.