Who we are


Founded by industry veterans, Financial Edge’s vision is to develop top-tier technology in the context of learning.

Our faculty, tech and client team have decades of accumulated experience delivering the most demanding training programs around the world.

Driven by innovation and technical expertise, we love working closely with our partners to implement tailored training solutions.

Team Overview

When it comes to classroom delivery we only hire the best instructors.

Training is brought to life by our leading faculty of 9 full-time instructors, who share 157 years of industry experience. We also have a global associate team, comprised of world-class academics and consultants.

Program delivery is supported by our accomplished tech and operations team, who ensure training runs as smoothly as possible for clients.

Global reach

With offices in London, New York and Asia-Pacific, we deliver training worldwide. This is one of the many reasons why the top 4 global investment banks choose us to teach their teams across a range of regional offices.

However, we have responded to COVID-19 by offering virtual solutions that can be implemented across multiple time-zones, so wherever participants are based they can access their learning. The result? We’ve been able to massively reduce our carbon footprint, as well as offer a multitude of new services to clients.

This is why we pride ourselves on being the most flexible financial training company available, due to our ability to adapt and provide cutting-edge solutions in-person and online.