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In-person training from Wall Street’s most trusted instructors.

Get desk-ready in one week with face-to-face training from industry experts. This intensive, hands-on classroom experience will have participants certified, confident, and ready to work on real deals.

Participants trained globally
Institutions trained in-house
Companies we've taught in
Expert instructors from Wall Street

Your fast-track to real expertise.

We’ve combined practical modeling and valuation skills with theory to create comprehensive, industry-specific courses, for both the buy and sell-side.

Who are Public Courses for?

Individuals or small groups seeking the fastest path to break into finance.

Experienced professionals looking to reinforce past learning or plug skill gaps.

New, lateral, or off-cycle hires that need to rapidly upskill and get desk-ready.

Get Access to Felix: Learn using real company and market data.

With over 5,300 global comps updated daily, monthly market data, industry tools, expert playlists, over 2,660 videos and expert instructor support, Felix makes it easy to answer questions, develop and excel in your future role.

  • Pre-work – Effortlessly navigate bespoke learning pathways with our innovative learning platform. Our blend of videos, workouts, and expert support effectively prepares you for the classroom, focusing on your unique skill gaps.
  • Bringing industry into the classroom – Felix simulates being on the desk, allowing you to work with real company and market data from day one.
  • Role-specific learning – After the program you can choose to follow one of our role-aligned specialist learning pathways to deepen your knowledge even further.

Wall Street-recognized certification.

Financial Edge teaches incoming analysts at the top 4 investment banks. Now we offer that very same training to you. It’s no secret that banking is fiercely competitive, which is why our Wall Street-recognized certification is designed to let your employers know you have the skills to succeed.

What our students say.

The course was very informative and I learned a lot of knowledge that can be useful in the financial industry.

Accounting and Finance Student

Great resources, perfect for referencing at the desk

Analyst at Top 4 Investment Bank

I have thoroughly enjoyed completing these and look forward to finding more opportunities to train myself.

Emily Massey

Can’t attend an Public Course?

Upgrade your résumé with a Micro-degree. Impress employers by demonstrating your proficiency in a particular industry, including investment banking, private equity and asset management. Our online courses offer you the same training experience we provide analysts at the top 4 investment banks.