Social Responsibility

At Financial Edge, we understand that the future of finance must be more representative of society as a whole. As part of our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion, we recognize our responsibility to extend the reach of our top class training to those who might previously not have had access.

Take a look below at some of the work we do to help democratize education and access to the finance industry.

Into University

IntoUniversity are a UK-based charity who specialize in helping disadvantaged young people gain places in higher education.
As well as making donations, each summer, we run training sessions for students selected from across their network of centres, to introduce them to Excel coding in preparation for university applications.

10 000 Black Interns

10,000 Black Interns unlocks access to paid internship opportunities across finance, technology and 25+ industry sectors for black students and graduates in the UK.

Since their inaugural year in 2021 we have partnered with this program to provide world-class training and resources to help their candidates succeed in their internships.

Fresh Youth Initiatives

Based in Washington Heights, Fresh Youth Initiatives is a non-profit youth development organization providing young people ages 9-18 with the support, encouragement, and skills needed for secure futures, healthy lives, and strong academic achievement.

We’ve provided financial support to help their work using evidence-based curricula to strengthen children’s reading and math skills at all grade levels.

University Societies

We often provide training pro bono, or at a heavily reduced rate, to university finance societies. We’ve helped university students around the world gain the modeling skills needed to gain top graduate positions, from Smeal College of Business to Linköping University’s Börsgruppen.