Practice & Prepare Pack

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Develop your practical finance skills using carefully crafted questions designed to test your knowledge and build a comprehensive understanding.

  • A5 sized book with 324 pages
  • Spiral bound to sit flat on the desk for referencing
  • 16 primary topics
  • 331 questions split across two categories, practice key methodologies and prepare with exam style questions
  • Authored by our expert instructor team

Test Yourself

Fundamental corporate finance topics

Financial Accounting Review

Income Statement

Working Capital

Non-Current Assets

Capital Structure

Cash Flow Statement

M&A Accounting



Equity Value to EV Bridge

Trading Comparables Valuation

WACC Analysis

Discounted Cash Flow Valuation

Transaction Comparables

Leveraged Buyouts

Merger Analysis

Spiral Into Control

Spiral Bound Pages

Expert Authors

Sample Page Gallery

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