Discover what some of our previous store and classroom participants had to say about their training with Financial Edge.

Corporate Clients

Michael Whalley

The Accountant

Great videos, good variety of workings / Excel files!

Summer Analyst 2020

The Investment Banker

Videos were incredibly clear and detailed. Very high-quality resources. Would highly recommend.

Ellie Zadik

The Valuer

Really thorough lessons! For all levels but definitely feel comfortable with all of the material by the end of the course. The quizzes and exam were challenging but rewarding

Associate from One of the Top 4 Investment Banks

Associate Training

Alastair was very engaging and enthusiastic, perfect for having class online.


Thomas Turner

Core Publication Pack

Very clear and concise material which I would thoroughly recommend to fellow applicants and colleagues.

Tzu-Chieh Lin

The Modeler

This is the right practical training which you cannot learn from professors in the university.

Public Classroom Participant

The Modeler Open Classroom

Alastair was great! Best financial services instructor I have had. Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

Julian Santibanez

The Accountant

The Accountant package offered by Financial Edge is a stepping stone at understanding the logic behind investment banking operations.

Jay Farkas

Analyst & Associate Guide

I immediately purchased the Analyst & Associate Guide after a recommendation from a banking analyst. It has clear and detailed explanations on everything you need to know. It is obvious why top banks have moved to Financial Edge and I will definitely be purchasing from them again.

Emily Massey

The Deal Maker

I have thoroughly enjoyed completing these and look forward to finding more opportunities to train myself.
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