What does CPD mean?

CPD, which stands for Continuing Professional Development, allows individuals to actively improve their skills and fill in knowledge gaps through training, workshops, conferences and events, and eLearning programs. CPD also helps individuals remain competitive with their peers and offers an opportunity for professionals to differentiate themselves.

Regulated industries tend to expect professional bodies and associations to ensure a mandatory CPD policy is implemented across the various roles and job functions within that sector. This includes financial services, accountancy, IT, communications, business management, and other areas.

Key Learning Points

  • CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development, which demonstrates your commitment to continued learning and can differentiate you from peers.
  • CPD points can be collected in points, units, and credits. How you collect your points and how many you need is determined by your organization, institution, or professional body.
  • All Financial Edge online courses are CPD accredited, and you can collect CPD points from taking our online finance courses and engaging with Felix content.

Is CPD a Qualification?

CPD is a recognized qualification. If a learning activity is CPD accredited this means that it has met the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks. These standards and benchmarks are established to ensure integrity and quality. All Financial Edge online courses have been accredited by CPD UK.

What are CPD points/units/credits?

CPD points, units, and credits generally all refer to CPD hours, which is the time spent actively learning. Different organizations may refer to CPD hours using different terms, and most institutions and professional bodies provide their own CPD targets.

Who requires CPD points?

There are a number of certifications that require participants to collect and track CPD points, including:

  • ACCA
  • AIA
  • CIMA
  • Other certifications
  • Companies and organizations also set requirements for CPD points for their employees

How many points do I need?

Most institutions and professional bodies provide CPD targets, although these vary from institution to institution. Your institution may track CPD through points, units, or credits. Check with your L&D team or institution to see how you should be monitoring your progress.

How do I track or prove what I have completed?

Online Finance Course

Once you have completed one of our store courses, a Micro-Degree, Skills Certificate, or Completion Certificate, you will receive a certificate to certify that you have completed the course. You can check the time required to complete the course on our product pages (e.g. The Investment Banker, The Portfolio Manager, The PE Associate).


Felix is our library which contains all of our elearning content. Felix contains:

  • All of our online course content (in one place!)
  • Downloadable industry and transaction models
  • Valuation data on 4,000+ firms
  • Expert instructor support

If you are collecting CPD points from the Felix playlists you have watched, please reach out to info@fe.training or your L&D team to confirm what you have watched on Felix.


CPD UK have a tool to help you manage and track your ongoing CPD. Their portal, called myCPD , can help you record your points and store any certificates.

How do I know if a video or course is CPD certified?

All of our Felix videos and online finance courses are CPD certified, but if you aren’t sure look for the CPD logo on or next to a video on Felix or a course in our store.