As we Approach Summer, Many of us are Beginning to Prepare for Internships.

However, this year is a complete first, since training is being delivered virtually. Don’t worry though, much of what makes a fantastic intern in the classroom applies online. Our founder and ex-J.P. Morgan banker, Alastair Matchett, has put together his top 10 tips for bossing your virtual internship, increasing your chances of securing a full-time position.

1) Get Comfortable with Excel and PowerPoint

Alastair’s first piece of advice is to get familiar with Excel and PowerPoint, as you’ll be dependent on these programs during your training. For instance, you will need to use Excel for financial modeling. Luckily for you, we offer a free course which will walk you through the essentials.

2) Pay Attention to Detail in Everything You Do

Don’t leave anything to chance on your summer internship! Always spell and grammar check and make sure calculations add up before turning work in. If you make sloppy mistakes, there’s less chance that recruiters will consider you to be a reliable candidate.

3) Take All of the Tests and Assignments Seriously

Throughout your virtual internship, you will be assessed. Prove to employers that you are worthy of a full-time position by trying your hardest on every test and exam!

4) Be Ready for Virtual Meetings 5 Minutes Early

Always arrive early to virtual meetings. This will allow you time to check your video and audio settings before entering the call, avoiding any potential delay.

5) Practice Communicating on Video Calls

Before taking part in video meetings on your virtual internship, it’s important to ensure you have a suitable space set up and that you appear professional. Make sure:

  • There is nothing inappropriate in your background.
  • You are dressed you would in the real classroom.
  • There are no distractions – make sure anyone living with you is aware that you will be taking important calls.

6) Don’t Write Emails like WhatsApp Messages

Always write emails professionally during your virtual internship! Make sure you send clear and concise messages, free of any slang.

7) Avoid Bombarding Colleagues with Questions, Ask for Time

Show initiative on your virtual internship. If you have questions, compile them into a list and ask your colleagues for a suitable time to go through them.

8) Be the Person You Would Want to Work With

Alastair advises that you treat everybody with respect, from the senior team to the support staff. This will help to show recruiters you can work well within a team.

9) Make Sure you Try to Develop a Network Within the Firm

Networking may seem more challenging during a virtual internship, but it is just as important! Reach out to peers within the firm and establish relationships with staff.

10) Above All, a Great Attitude Will Set You Miles Apart

The secret to standing out on your virtual internship? Enthusiasm. It really is as simple as having a ‘can-do’ attitude and wearing a smile on your face!
Good luck to everyone interning this summer!