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Accounting Essentials

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Accounting Essentials

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Practical exercises

Develop the skills that underpin a huge range of finance roles. Quickly and confidently interpret financial data and statements, evaluate them and use the calculated information to build high-quality reports.

Accounting Foundations

72 video minutes

0 excel exercises

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Video minutes 72

Excel Exercises 0

  • The purpose and different types of accounting (financial versus management accounting)
  • Users of financial statements
  • Introduction to the three main financial statements and explanation of key elements
  • Overview of the contents of financial reports
  • Introduction to accounting standards
  • The accounting equation
  • Explanation of accrual accounting, the matching principle, and capitalization

Financial Accounting Review

34 video minutes

3 excel exercises

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Video minutes 34

Excel Exercises 3

  • Making entries and ensuring the balance sheet balances
  • Preparing a balance sheet
  • Preparing an income statement from the entries to retained earnings
  • Preparing a cash flow statement from the entries to the cash account
  • A review of the different categorizations on the income statement, balance sheet, and the cash flow statement

Income Statements

59 video minutes

15 excel exercises

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Video minutes 59

Excel Exercises 15

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  • Revenue recognition issues
  • Cost recognition issues
  • Identifying non-recurring items from the income statement, the MD&A, the notes to the accounts and the financial statement press release
  • Calculating EBIT and EBITDA for the historical year, and on an LTM basis
  • Understand the difference between basic and diluted earnings per share and calculate recurring diluted earnings per share
  • Review company profitability compared to its peer group

Earnings Per Share

29 video minutes

11 excel exercises

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Video minutes 29

Excel Exercises 11

  • Basic EPS calculations including weighted average shares
  • Dilutive securities: options (treasury method) and convertibles (as if converted)
  • Calculating recurring EPS

Working Capital

56 video minutes

12 excel exercises

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Video minutes 56

Excel Exercises 12

  • Inventory accounting including the impact on EBIT of LIFO and FIFO accounting choices (where relevant)
  • Accounts receivable and bad debts (identifying when companies are manipulating sales)
  • Accounts payable and accruals and the difference between them from a due diligence perspective
  • Other items including taxes payable, deferred revenue, and pre-paid items
  • Working capital and operating working capital and the cash impact of changes in operating working capital
  • Credit implications of working capital movements
  • Day ratios

Non-Current Assets

39 video minutes

11 excel exercises

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Video minutes 39

Excel Exercises 11

  • Gross PP&E, accumulated depreciation, depreciation expense and net PP&E
  • Building a simple forecast of fixed assets
  • Establishing the age of a company’s fixed asset base
  • Finite, and infinite intangibles including goodwill
  • A review of key methods of accounting for financial investments
  • At fair value through the income statement
  • Available for sale
  • Associate (equity method) accounting

Capital Structure

50 video minutes

14 excel exercises

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Video minutes 50

Excel Exercises 14

  • Debt issues and repurchases
  • Simple yield to maturity and all in cost calculations and understanding Original Issuer Discounts
  • Calculating net debt
  • Equity issuance and repurchases
  • The difference between authorized, issued and outstanding shares and multiple share classes
  • Other capital items: preference shares and convertible bonds
  • Leverage ratios
  • Debt liability maturity analysis

Accounting Ratios

41 video minutes

5 excel exercises

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Video minutes 41

Excel Exercises 5

  • Profitability ratios, including margins
  • Liquidity ratios, including operating working capital
  • EBIT and EBITDA for the historical year, and on an LTM basis
  • Leverage ratios, including net debt and interest coverage
    Asset ratios

Cash Flow Statements

25 video minutes

3 excel exercises

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Video minutes 25

Excel Exercises 3

  • Understanding how to categorize cash flows between operating, investing, and financing
  • Deriving a cash flow statement from two balance sheets and an income statement
  • Deriving a balance sheet from a cash flow statement and an income statement
  • Different cash flow statement presentations
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This course is officially CPD certified

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Frequently Asked Questions

What tech do I need?

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Access your course across desktop, laptop, tablet or phone; either via our web portal or the dedicated mobile app. While we have optimized our video quality and size, we recommend a broadband connection to enable uninterrupted video playback. A PDF reader and spreadsheet application are required to open the supporting resources.

Is it right for me?

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Our online courses reflect the training new analysts receive at the leading financial organizations. They're challenging, but if you want to demonstrate you are as good as the best in the industry then this is the course for you. The top investment banks will recognize our micro-degree certifications, making them perfect for graduates looking to land a job or a professional preparing for a new role.

Are Financial Edge's courses credible?

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The leading investment banks, as rated by the FT, hire us to train their incoming analysts. If you are looking to join the best analysts in the world, why not challenge yourself with the same content and certification with the same Wall Street instructors ready to answer your questions.

Will the Accounting Essentials help me get a job?

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Absolutely. Develop practical skills you can use to impress at interviews, whether you’re looking to break into finance or change roles.

How long do I have to complete the Accounting Essentials ?

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Everyone works at their own pace so there's no restrictions, all you need is an active Felix plan for the course you are completing. All Felix plans renew annually.

Are there any hidden costs?

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No. Everything you need is included, from instructor-led videos and Excel exercises to the exams.

What is CPD?

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All of our online courses are CPD accredited. CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and makes demonstrating your commitment to learning easy. Your institution or accrediting body may track CDP points through activities, units or hours. Check with the relevant party to find out how you should be monitoring your progress.

What support will I get along the way?

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Our expert instructors are standing by to answer questions and help you develop a detailed understanding of finance complexities. Our technical support team are also ready to help with any system problems.