Introduction to Insurance Analysis includes

Introduction to Insurance Analysis


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Discover the main types of insurance business and products, how to understand and interpret company financials, and get to grips with industry regulation.

Completion time

7 Hours


Skills Certificate


Discover the main types of insurance business and products, how to understand and interpret company financials, and get to grips with industry regulation.

Completion time

7 Hours


Skills Certificate


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Excel Exercises

Insurance Industry Overview



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Video minutes35

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  • The key terminology and products used in insurance
  • Calculating insurance revenues, costs and profits
  • A review of the global insurance market and sectors
  • Understanding and calculating life insurance benefits
  • Introducing the concept of reinsurance
  • A review of the main risks in insurance

Insurance Financial Statement Fundamentals



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Video minutes62

Excel Exercises10

  • The key principals and methods used in insurance accounting
  • Calculating insurance premiums and reserves for P&C business
  • Understanding the modifications for life insurance accounting and its application for common types of policy
  • Understanding how the insurance balance sheet and income statement are linked
  • Calculating DAC asset and reinsurance reserves
  • Understanding the different classifications and accounting for investments
  • A review of the financial statements of a real insurance company

Insurance Regulations



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Video minutes19

Excel Exercises3

  • An overview of the regulatory landscape
  • Detailed explanations of the Solvency II approach
  • Calculating capital requirements and ratios

Life Insurance Analysis



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Video minutes22

Excel Exercises4

  • Understanding profit drivers in life insurance
  • Analyzing profitability and capital
  • A review of new business metrics

P&C Insurance Analysis



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Video minutes87

Excel Exercises9

  • Income statement, with claims and expenses and the combined ratio, and underwriting profit
  • Claims reserves and their payout
  • Unearned premium reserve
  • Deferred acquisition costs (DAC)
  • Incurred but not reported reserve (IBNR)
  • Reinsurance assets
  • Equity capital and solvency

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Frequently Asked Questions

What tech do I need?

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Access your course across desktop, laptop, tablet or phone; either via our web portal or the dedicated mobile app. While we have optimized our video quality and size, we recommend a broadband connection to enable uninterrupted video playback. A PDF reader and spreadsheet application are required to open the supporting resources.

Is it right for me?

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This course is aimed at professionals who are new to insurance. Although no prior knowledge of the industry is required, participants should have a basic grounding in financial analysis, modeling, and valuation of corporates (i.e. non-financial services sector companies).

Are Financial Edge's courses credible?

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The 4 leading investment banks, as rated by the FT, hire us to train their incoming analysts. If you are looking to join the best analysts in the world, why not challenge yourself with the same content and certification with the same Wall Street instructors ready to answer your questions.

Will this course help me get a job in FIG banking?

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Absolutely. Develop practical skills you can use to impress at interviews, whether you’re looking to break into FIG banking or other finance roles.

How long do I have to complete the courses?

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We are delighted to announce that we now offer lifetime access on all online courses! Fit studying around your schedule. Learn at your own pace with on-demand video, practical examples to download and expert instructor support.

Are there any hidden costs?

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No. Everything you need to earn your skill certificate is included, from instructor-led videos and Excel exercises to the exam.

How do I join Financial Edge's alumni?

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Join our world-class alumni on LinkedIn by upgrading your skill certification to any one of our micro-degree’s. To unlock all alumni benefits, you will need to verify you have successfully passed all courses within the online program.

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All Financial Edge online courses are CPD accredited. CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and makes demonstrating your commitment to learning easy. Your institution or accrediting body may track CDP points through activities, units or hours. Check with the relevant party to find out how you should be monitoring your progress.

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