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Project Finance

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Project Finance

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Access one of the most extensive project finance online courses available. Learn risk management, the accounting specifics, how to structure the finance behind a project, and build both a simple and advanced project finance model.

Introduction to Project Finance

24 video minutes

0 excel exercises

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Video minutes 24

Excel Exercises 0

  • Project finance introduction
  • How project finance is different
  • Project finance mechanics
  • Project finance process
  • Project finance contract summary
  • Project finance contracts detail
  • Eurotunnel case study
  • Information memorandum

Risk Management in Project Finance

16 video minutes

0 excel exercises

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Video minutes 16

Excel Exercises 0

  • Risk taxonomy
  • Risk management
  • Pre-completion risks
  • Post-completion risks
  • Risks common to both parties
  • Risk reduction summary

Financing the Project

45 video minutes

6 excel exercises

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Video minutes 45

Excel Exercises 6

  • Financing and insurance package
  • Understanding debt capacity
  • How much can the project borrow
  • How much equity does the project need
  • Syndicated loan financing
  • How many banks in the syndicate
  • Syndication strategy
  • Financial crisis and the development of club deals
  • Fee structures in loan syndication
  • Mandated lead arranger
  • What has changed in the syndication market
  • Return on equity of loan
  • Return on equity of two bank loans
  • Other financing options

Accounting for Project Finance

20 video minutes

5 excel exercises

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Video minutes 20

Excel Exercises 5

  • Project finance accounting
  • Cost capitalization

Project Finance Returns

26 video minutes

6 excel exercises

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Video minutes 26

Excel Exercises 6

  • Profitability to shareholders
  • Calculating the IRR
  • Calculating the IRR with an exit multiple
  • Returns to creditors and problems with the IRR
  • Model out a loan
  • Model out a bond
  • Dividend trap
  • Subordinated loan dividend trap

Structuring the Project

21 video minutes

2 excel exercises

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Video minutes 21

Excel Exercises 2

  • Cost terminology
  • Financing the construction costs
  • Sources and uses of funds
  • Operational phase
  • Unlevered free cash flows

Debt, Coverage Ratios and Covenants

29 video minutes

3 excel exercises

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Video minutes 29

Excel Exercises 3

  • Amortization methods
  • DSCR
  • Average life calculation for loan repayments
  • Average life
  • Coverage ratios
  • DSCR and LLCR
  • Security
  • Covenants
  • Covenant breach
  • Debt service coverage ratio covenant breach

Building a Simple Project Finance Model

27 video minutes

9 excel exercises

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Video minutes 27

Excel Exercises 9

  • Sources and uses of funds
  • PP&E
  • Soft assets and income statement
  • Calculations
  • Initial balance sheet
  • Cash flow statement
  • Debt schedule
  • Interest expense
  • Returns to equity holders

Building a Full Project Finance Model

81 video minutes

24 excel exercises

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Video minutes 81

Excel Exercises 24

  • Uses of funds
  • Sources of funds
  • Other assumptions
  • Revenues and variable costs
  • Depletion of soft costs and PP&E
  • Asset retirement obligation – asset
  •  Asset retirement obligation – liability
  • Income statement
  • Calcs – operating working capital
  • Calcs – Equity
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow preparation
  • Cash flow from operations
  • Cash flow from investing and financing activities
  • Cash flow available for debt service
  • Revolving credit facility
  • Syndicated loan
  • Debt service reserve account
  • Non-cash interest
  • Wiring up the debt lines
  • Interest during the construction phase
  • Interest during the operational period
  • Returns to equity holders
  • Loan life coverage ratio
  • Structuring the debt
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Frequently Asked Questions

What tech do I need?

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Access your course across desktop, laptop, tablet or phone; either via our web portal or the dedicated mobile app. While we have optimized our video quality and size, we recommend a broadband connection to enable uninterrupted video playback. A PDF reader and spreadsheet application are required to open the supporting resources.

Is it right for me?

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Our online courses reflect the training new analysts receive at the leading financial organizations. They're challenging, but if you want to demonstrate you are as good as the best in the industry then this is the course for you. The top investment banks will recognize our micro-degree certifications, making them perfect for graduates looking to land a job or a professional preparing for a new role.

Are Financial Edge's courses credible?

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The leading investment banks, as rated by the FT, hire us to train their incoming analysts. If you are looking to join the best analysts in the world, why not challenge yourself with the same content and certification with the same Wall Street instructors ready to answer your questions.

Will this course help me get a job?

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Absolutely. Develop practical skills you can use to impress at interviews, whether you’re looking to break into finance or change roles.

How long do I have to complete the courses?

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Everyone works at their own pace so there's no restrictions, all you need is an active Felix plan for the course you are completing. All Felix plans renew annually.

Are there any hidden costs?

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No. Everything you need is included, from instructor-led videos and Excel exercises to the exams.

What is CPD?

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All of our online courses are CPD accredited. CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and makes demonstrating your commitment to learning easy. Your institution or accrediting body may track CDP points through activities, units or hours. Check with the relevant party to find out how you should be monitoring your progress.

What support will I get along the way?

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Our expert instructors are standing by to answer questions and help you develop a detailed understanding of finance complexities. Our technical support team are also ready to help with any system problems.