Introduction to Insurance Analysis

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Our online insurance analysis course will help you go from complete novice to insurance expert in a matter of hours. Discover the main types of insurance business and products, how to understand and interpret company financials, and get to grips with industry regulation.

Master Insurance Company Analysis

Insurance companies are very different to other businesses in the way they make money, the products they sell, the fact they are regulated, and how they report their financials. Therefore, the industry is often perceived as more complex and specialized than other sectors.

Our online insurance analysis course cuts through the complexity by providing comprehensive explanations supported by case study examples. You will learn:

  • How an insurance company makes money.
  • The main insurance products in life and P&C insurance.
  • The accounting principles used by life and P&C insurance companies, across both their insurance and investing activities.
  • How insurance is regulated both globally and in Europe.
  • How to analyze life and non-life insurance companies, identifying the key value drivers and the metrics that can be used to track these.

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Course Format

Intuitive Layout

Navigate your course with ease. The layout is consistent across all of our online courses. Each one has a tailored introduction video to help maximize your time.

Logical Progression

Learn the fundamentals first, or skip ahead to more advanced topics. While the content is guided we do not impose any strict limitations on how you learn, the choice is up to you.

Precise Content

Each resource targets a key learning objective. The videos are purposefully short to suit busy schedules and quick reference checks.



Easy to use online learning

Technology supports and enhances all of our courses, whether classroom-based or online. Our in-house team has built an industry-leading online learning platform.

  • Immediate access to learning resources including videos, quizzes, exams, PDFs, Excel files and more
  • Engage with fellow finance professionals from different backgrounds
  • Get answers to your questions from the course instructor
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  • Complete a task on the app and you will see the same completion on your other devices
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*Initial access requires an internet connection for authentication and content download


What do I need?

Access your course across desktop, laptop, tablet or phone; either via our web portal or the dedicated mobile app. While we have optimized our video quality and size, we recommend a broadband connection to enable uninterrupted video playback. A PDF reader and spreadsheet application are required to open the supporting resources.

Is it right for me?

This course is aimed at professionals who are new to insurance. Although no prior knowledge of the industry is required, participants should have a basic grounding in financial analysis, modeling, and valuation of corporates (i.e. non-financial services sector companies).

Does my access expire?

Each purchase provides 12 months access. To renew your access simply buy the course again. Due to the downloadable nature of some content, we cannot offer refunds for customers that have already accessed their course.

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