Profit and Loss Statement Template 

Feel free to download Financial Edge’s free Profit and Loss Statement template, which will allow you to create statements for your business or conduct analysis of a company’s financial performance. Simply enter your data into cells and the template will automatically generate the annual statement. 

The P&L statement proves invaluable for analysts looking for a company’s performance metrics. It is a useful tool for tracking progress and making sense of financial trends. It also includes margin ratios so you can judge your performance (see the link below for a separate blog on margin ratios). 

P&L statements are also referred to as: 

  • Statement of profit and loss 
  • Statement of operations 
  • Statement of financial results or income 
  • Earnings statement 
  • Expense statement 
  • Income statement 

Download the Profit and Loss Statement Template 

Enter your name and email in the form and download the free P&L template now! 


Steps for Using the Profit and Loss Statement Template 

  • Download the P&L template 
  • Input your own numbers in place of the example numbers in the blue font color cells 
  • Add or cut line items as needed (select the row with your mouse, right click and choose Insert, or Delete) 
  • Ensure that the formulas in the black font color cells include all your new line items 
  • You now have your own P&L statement 

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