Discover what some of our previous store and classroom participants had to say about their training with Financial Edge.

Corporate Clients

Analyst at Top 4 Investment Bank

Core Publication Pack

Great resources, perfect for referencing at the desk

Sales and Trading Analyst

The Trader

Terrific, course, thank you!

Summer Analyst 2019

The Deal Maker

Very well explained and broken down into small steps.

Summer Intern 2020

The Modeler

The Modeler by Financial Edge gives the student an opportunity to learn hands-on experience in financial modeling. From short cuts and revision techniques to Three Model Statement creation. Certainly an insightful experience.


Clifford Morrison

Student at Bayes Business School

Helps me understand financial content and practical applications.

Jack Hall

The Business Toolkit

The Business Toolkit has equipped me with a foundational knowledge of crucial platforms all businesses require such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. The platform was easy to navigate and the structure was accessible. The course started simple and slowly built up the more challenging aspects, this reaffirmed knowledge and skills as the course progressed. I believe that The Business Toolkit will help me in my career, rather than stating 'I am competent in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word' this microdegree proves and communicates this succinctly as you have to pass (a relatively tough) exam to be awarded the certification. I would imagine it gives employers the confidence in hiring candidates for roles with this information to hand.

José Carlos M. Iráculis

ModelOff Workshop

Andrea, thanks for your introduction to LBO modeling. Probably the best session at ModelOff!

Genesis Licil

The Investment Banker

So far The Investment Banker is great, learning a lot, and building confidence in investment banking. I am happy with my purchase, it is worth the investment and I will definitely recommend to my friends and family alike.

Akarsh Chourasia

The Trader

Really well paced teaching format with essential details and topics covered during the course.

Accounting and Finance Student

The Valuer

The course was very informative and I learned a lot of knowledge that can be useful in the financial industry.
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